September 23, 2023

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Christian Counseling

Christian Therapy: Professional Therapy Done The Right Way

Christian Therapy has its Fundamentals in psychology and theological knowledge which comes from God’s Word, the Bible. The idea of incorporating the Bible into a psychology therapy was determined by, God knows us better than any person on Earth and He is the only one that could change us in any way. That includes the mind, will and emotions of every human being!

In this therapy, we incorporate psychological knowledge to find and tell the patient the reality of his or her situation, which means what mental disease he or she has: anxiety, eating disorders, depression, addiction. Utilizing psychology appropriately help us to scientifically understand our patient and identify the methods we need to use to help them. By knowing God’s Word and having Jesus as our role model; we encourage our patients to overcome their illness. It gives them hope and motivation to face their issues and to walk the hard road of recovery.

This kind of therapy is really effective in both psychological and theological ways, when handled by a trained Christian Therapist. One aspect helps the client with addressing their psychological problems, and at the same time helps them with their spiritual problems. This makes the therapy more versatile and effective. It’s like pealing an onion to get at the root or the core of the problem!

To be a really effective therapy, there has to be a good Christian therapist. This person would have to be a professional that knows how to apply the therapy they have chosen like: cognitive therapy, psychoanalysis, gestalt; and a Bible teacher that knows the passages and their true meaning can make the patient see Jesus as an example and a role model, which would bring God’s Word to life for them, perhaps for the first time ever.

Other important elements of Christian therapy that are included are prayer and meditation. This helps to give clients the opportunity to communicate with God, and to seriously consider why it is that they have their infirmity or disease and how it is affecting others. The most important thing for them to do is to turn to God, be forgiven and to forgive themselves. This will help them in their healing process which eventually leads to a life of peace, joy and meaningful contentment.

Another important element is Bible Study. As we and our patients read and study through the Bible, we can experience growth in our spirit. In this part of the therapy both patient and therapist learn with God’s help through the Holy Spirit’s leading.

Christian therapy is one of the most effective therapies that is being practiced today. It helps produce growth mentally, and most important spiritually. This will help a person get back on the right road, and help resolve the problems they have Biblically. With this therapy, the patient will be sure that God is there to help him or her out, in their time of crisis and need.

Written by
Dr. Paul E. McLaughlin

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