September 23, 2023

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Cpanel web hosting

Cpanel is an advanced web hosting that allows clients to manage their own hosting account in a web-based graphical interface control. It is designed for customers to have full control in everything on their site. It features various controls, such as adding and removing email accounts, administering databases, creating FTP accounts, monitoring site statistics and even backup of site files. These controls can be done in a fast and convenient by an easy-to-use control panel.

Cpanel provides email management controls such as manage accounts, webmail, default address, auto responders, blockers, forwarders, mailing lists, and mail phishing monitoring.

It can also manage several site statistic features such as visitor statistics summary, FTP site statistics summary, AWStats, Analog Stats, recent visitors, bandwidth, and managing site log files.

Cpanel also features FTP Management controls such as managing accounts, anonymous set up, login message, and FTP Session Control.

This revolutionized web hosting allows download of daily backup file, protect directories, change account’s password, create customize error pages, redirects traffic,
edit and handle MIME type, configure Apache Handlers, submit site details to search engine, Hotlinking, control directory display, Index and IP Deny Manager.

Cpanel has features on managing domains such as domain name set up, create separate account, manage parked and add-on domains and view sub domains’ statistics. It also has advanced management features like secure shell access (SSH), automate repetitive tasks or Cron jobs, and uses GnuPGP for public-key cryptography.

It also has pre-installed executable Common gateway Interface (CGI) scripts like bulletin board, PHP-Nuke, osCommerce, shopping cart, HTML generator, FormMail and CGI email, quick search engine and entropy banner, Java clock maker, simple and advanced guestbook, Java counter and countdown.

Cpanel web hosting also provides tools for network like Traceroute and domain look up.

From several languages, Cpanel’s interfaces were made available and all these software are used in webhosting. Cpanel with Web Host Management (WHM), provides an enhanced and convenient way of site management for web hosting provider and clients / resellers. This new revolution has only produced a multi-feature websites but an ability to host multiple sites that provides an extensive array of functionalities that deal with websites efficiently.

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