September 23, 2023

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Discover Why You May Be Causing Your Cats Hair Loss

Did you know your cats hair loss can be caused by you? "Wait!" You cry. "I wouldn't hurt a hair on my beloved felines head." Many of you reading this article would say the same thing.

Did you know your cats hair loss can be caused by you? “Wait!” You cry. “I wouldn’t hurt a hair on my beloved felines head.” Many of you reading this article would say the same thing. But, the fact is the loss of your favorite pet’s hair may be your fault. This article will discuss some of the reasons why and the ways you can help your kitty.

For the purpose of this article let’s name the pet we are going to be talking about, Roscoe. Now Roscoe is your typical independent, lazy male cat and feels he is the “King” of your home. Which means he pretty well does what he wants to in your home, right? However, chances are that may not be the healthiest thing for Roscoe.

As you have discovered through the years “Ol” Roscoe can be a pretty finicky eater. So to try and please his “Majesty” you have tried one cat food after another. You have tried him on the most expensive canned filet of salmon, to your favorite dish off the table. But, all of this to no avail. Finally you put him on a “you get hungry enough you’ll eat” diet. When you do that “Ol” Roscoe musters up his dignity and stalks out of the dinning room and you hear him muttering under his breath, “Put what’s his name on the guillotine. Off with his head.”

Frankly, switching Roscoe back and forth does more than make him miss a meal or two. Cats are creatures of habit, as you have learned over the years. Each time you changed Roscoe’s food you have broken a habit.

When the “comfort zone” of Roscoe’s eating habits become disturbed he has a tendency to get stressed. You have seen this in the way he paces back and forth, loud meowing, constantly grooming himself and craving constant attention. Roscoe also starts showing bald spots on his body. His cats hair loss seems to get worse and worse ever day.

Just like you his owner, when Roscoe gets stressed out and stays stressed out, his hair will continue to fall out. Since Roscoe is normally a healthy cat it’s time to take him to his vet. Roscoe’s vet ran a few tests and determined there was no physical illness, but he was stressed out. When you and Roscoe tell his doctor about switching his diet back and forth, the vet said that was a major contributor to the stress.

Then the veterinarian told you and Roscoe to get off the “you get hungry enough you’ll eat” diet. The “Doc” then pointed out a couple of healthy cat foods which should solve the problem. Of course, Roscoe will be the decision maker on which food he likes the best. That being said Roscoe tells you its time to go back home for his nap.

When you get Roscoe home he starts rubbing on your leg, but you ignore him and go about your business. Not good! Roscoe needs grooming every day, to stimulate his fur and increase the blood flow to his skin. Without it his cats hair loss may continue. Now you have picked Roscoe up and given him a good brushing, he gets relaxed and curls up for his nap. Not good!

The vet has also told you and Roscoe, his lack of exercise is contributing to his hair loss. Since Roscoe owns you and you’re his slave it’s your duty to make sure he exercises several times a day. To overcome Roscoe’s natural talent for laziness a dangling string with a treat tied on the end of it will often times do the trick. As you know Roscoe loves chasing his favorite ball around the room, now it’s time for you to get down on the floor and play with him. One of the things you will notice is you will get caught up in the play. Then you will start smiling and laughing at his antics.

You start feeling better and “Ol” Roscoe senses it and he becomes less stressed. Soon you and Roscoe get back in the habit of excising every day and the next thing you and Roscoe notice is no more bald spots.

As you can tell this little tale has its moral. Your cats hair loss may or may not have been caused by lack of exercise, bad diet or stress. But, as beloved owner you are the one that can put your own pet back on the road to recovery. By the way, Roscoe said to tell you he knows you didn’t mean to cause the problems and he still loves you. So get over it!

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