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In Order To Help The Homeless Volunteers Are Needed

You have probably seen plenty of homeless people in your everyday life. Many people see them and do nothing about it day after day. There are people that drive past the same homeless people everyday on their way to work and never do anything to help. People have to start helping if we are ever going to make a difference. In order to help the homeless volunteers are needed.

Without volunteers we would not have soup kitchens or shelters for the homeless. Soup kitchens and food pantries are very important to homeless people. Without them these people would have to eat out of dumpsters or hope that someone that passes them everyday gives them something to eat. This last one is not very likely to happen.

If you pass a homeless person everyday but you do not want to give them money because you think they may use it for drugs or alcohol you can still help. Instead of giving them money you can pack them a lunch for the day and give it to them as you pass them. This is a small thing for you to do but will make a big difference in this homeless persons day.

It would take you less than five minutes to make a sandwich or two and throw it in a bag along with some chips or fruit and a bottle of water. Why don’t more people try to help when they can? Many people say they do not want to help homeless people because they think they are drunks or drug addicts. You can still help them without giving them money.

If they are drunks or drug addicts they need help just as much if not more than someone that who is not. There are shelters that have volunteer counselors that try to help the homeless drug addicts and alcoholics. Without them some of these people would never get clean. With the help of people just like you and me these people can change their lives for the better.

If they have someone helping them get clean clothes and a shower then they can go on job interviews. Job interviews can then turn into a steady pay check. A steady pay check can then mean that they can get off the streets and start their life over. Without volunteers homeless people would never be able to get clean clothes and showers. Without clean clothes and showers the homeless people can not get jobs. No one is going to hire someone that comes to a job interview dirty and smelling bad.

Volunteering just a few hours of your time to helping out at a soup kitchen can mean the difference between feeding fifty people and feeding a hundred. You may not realize that your time is that important but it is. Without enough volunteers the soup kitchens would not be able to feed as many people. Volunteers help by doing many different things.

If you do not have time to volunteer at a kitchen for the homeless then you could just volunteer by donating some blankets or clothing. Jackets are very important in the winter time. There are many homeless people that have no warm clothes, jacket, or blankets. Many homeless people die because they do not have jackets or blankets to keep them warm. You may not realize it but you donating a few blankets and jackets could actually save peoples lives. Homeless people rely heavily on the donations of volunteers.

You can donate food, clothes, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, and shoes. These things are not very expensive and could make a big difference in someone’s life so why not donate what you can? Holidays are a great time for giving to those that are less fortunate that you. This could also be a good lesson for your children. During the Holiday’s you could go as a family to a local shelter or soup kitchen and volunteer your time to help others.

If we teach our children that giving to others is important then they will grow up to help people less fortunate and teach their children to do the same. So if you volunteer and donate items to the homeless as a family you will be ensuring that your grandchildren and great grandchildren will also help the homeless. It does not matter why someone is homeless, it only matters that they are and they need our help. You might even be surprised to know that their are even homeless volunteers. Homeless people that have nothing but their time to give will give that time freely to help people just like themselves. People like this is the reason there is still good in this world.

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