September 23, 2023

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Linux Unix Host Options for Small Businesses

Ever since the very first web pages came online, the Unix operating system
has been there to power the brave new world of the internet. Small businesses and thriving companies survived their way from these dark ages until today because of the stability and reliability of the Unix operating system as a server platform.

Sometime in 1991, a Finish genius Linus Torvalds planted the seed of what
is now to become the Linux system. This operating system is like Unix, but more. It sprouts from the interconnectedness of the world wide web
that made possible the cooperation of thousands of other computer programmers to breath life to the old Unix and make it into a Redhat or a Gentoo.

The very first users of Unix/Linux were the hard core computer programmers and hackers. However, today things are changing and we can see already our grandma using it from time to time. The power and the openness of this platform has caught the attention of businesses by storm. The concept of openness wherein everybody can see and examine the source code allows for infinite customization. For the first time, businesses can shape their software solutions like a clay.

For the few last years, many web hosting companies transformed their web hosting solutions into a Linux/Unix platform. The reliability of these type of
operating system is proven and has undergone the test of fire. Web hosting
solutions from Microsoft operating system is no match in terms of uptime and programmability. The amount of power that can be achieved from a Unix/Linux solution is just beyond its competitors available today.

Software programmability is built into the DNA of Linux/Unix. Computer
languages from scientific to commercial applications exist in this platform.
Every new discovery is first tested in this open platform. It is an fiesta
bonanza of various software applications known to man for free. The kernel is coded in C computer language and you can examine the source code or choose to recompile it. The amount of computer software languages that can be made to work in Linux/Unix is mind-boggling.

The web owes itself to Unix and many web development tools already exist in this platform even before there was Facebook. Ancient and powerful communication arsenals allows you to log-in via ssh like ninja or ftp into your web server. However, there are also GUI tools too.

The era of a free word is dawning and the Unix/Linux solutions will continue to spread its influence into businesses from hand helds operating system, web server platforms to mainframes and supercomputers.

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